We have 2 event competitions! See more info below.

Best Booth Award

Public Participation!
This is a fun, no holds barred event! The goal is to Raise Money for Make-A-Wish AL.
Each attendee will receive Raffle Tickets (good for Door Prizes) to use as VOTES for their Favorite Booth.
Additional Raffle Tickets are $1.

The Vendor that receives the most Votes for their Booth (raises the most money) wins the Best Booth Award!

Ballot stuffing, shameless promotion, and peer pressuring others is encouraged in this fun event to raise money to make dreams come true.

Official Rules and Details

Latte Art Throwdown

SIGNUP >>HERE<< Baristas Only.
VIP Ticket holders get to attend this semi-competitive, industry event.

Wherever baristas gather, you can expect a latte art throwdown as a means of camaraderie, friendly competition, and expression of our craft. Latte art is the hallmark of beautifully pulled espresso, carefully steamed milk, and the artistic touch of a dedicated, skilled barista.

This friendly, semi-competitive event will be head-to-head, bracket style and three judges will determine whose milk pouring skills will advance.

Barista Participation is FREE. However, you must have a VENDOR PASS or purchase a Festival Ticket and >Register< to gain access to the event and competition area.

Official Rules and Details